Apollo MVR

Falling film MVR Evaporator. Renowned for its excellent reliability and gentleness in product treatment, the falling film M.V.R. (Mechanical Vapour Recompression) Apollo evaporator is absolutely the best solution in the range of CFT’s Processing Division. Its exceptional energy-saving level has never been achieved by other applications; this implies a significant running cost reduction as well as a considerable quality improvement.

Apollo can concentrate 100 t/h

of infeed product from 4.5 to 9-10° brix and an extraction of 45 t/h of evaporated water. The obtained product can be used as it is or as a concentrated product until the desired residue is obtained through a traditional multi-effect forced circulation plant. Thanks to the minimum residence time (for a few minutes) as well as the difference of temperature reduction between the condensed vapour on the exchanger’s shell and the product inside the tubes (4-6°C), there is no product thermal damaging. The quality of the output concentrate is high and its colour can hardly be obtained with other concentration technologies.

Due to its particular characteristics, the Apollo evaporator represents the most innovative technology suited to developing a first-rate concentration process with a high energy recovery of heat-sensitive products both fibrous (tomato concentrate or citrus fruits) and clear (fruit juices, milk and other dairy products).

  • Tomato paste
  • Milk
  • Whey
  • Clear Juices
  • Energy saving up to 40%
  • 100 t/h of infeed product from 4.5 to 9-10° brix anD extraction of 45 t/h of evaporated water
  • Minimum RESIDENCE time
  • High quality of the output concentrate

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turnkey lines for diced tomatoes and tomato paste!

  • 5 minutes overall permanence time.
  • 1:18 steam efficiency. By far the highest efficiency on the market.
  • 6°C maximum delta T between heating vapour and product.
100 t/h (Value referred to tomato inlet product).
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