Master C Block

Speed up to 15.000 CPH. Automatic filling and seaming monoblock system.


is the result of Our willingness to provide a consistent range of premium equipment accessible to small & medium sized breweries at competitive market prices while maintaining the same level of excellence. The new MASTER C BLOCK (an automatic filling and seaming monoblock system) has been entirely engineered and manufactured to meet these specific requirements.

  • Beer
  • Cans
  • HIGHLY COMPACT: downsized footprint while maintaining very high production standard: suitable for limited space and easy to install.
  • FULLY ELECTRONIC MACHINE: high degree of automation thanks to its plug and play system.
  • HYGIENICALLY DESIGNED: efficient sanitation due to automatic CIP system.
  • HIGHLY PERFORMING: up to 15.000 cph/250cpm.
  • GUARANTEED QUALITY: lowest DO pick-ups in the market today.
  • HIGHLY PRECISE: great filling accuracy.

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  • Machine available from 12 to 24 filling valves.
  • Heavy duty manufacturing.
  • Easy product and format change-over.
  • Flowmeter technology with high filling point accuracy without the use of level tubes and with centralized height fill adjustment.
  • High CIP efficiency: extensive use of modern high-tech materials.
  • Option for automatic dummy-can system: the machine could be integrated into an automatic closed circuit system for sanitization.
  • Compact footprint with shortest transfer between filler and seamer, guaranteeing low oxygen pick up.
  • Filler easy maintenance due to pre-assembled central manifolds, with direct access from the top.
  • Seamer easy maintenance: complete change-over lid and body in less than 2 hours.
  • Centralized lubrication system.
  • External valve washing system, external washing spray nozzles (Optional)
  • Single sloping base both for filler & seamer.
  • Integrated pneumatic interface (hydraulic and lubrication) both for filler & seamer.
HIGHLY PERFORMING: up to 15.000 cph/250 cpm.
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