CFT Group aseptic filling machine for web fed bags.

MINIPAK is the perfect solution for product filling in pre-sterilized web-bags, with capacities ranging from 5 up to 25 Liters.  Minipak is a completely automatic filler for the aseptic packaging of products into flexible bags (pouches) having either low as well as high acidity (milk, cream, single-strength and concentrated juice, base products for ice-creams, etc.).
Web-bags are pre-perforated between each bag to easily and automatically separate after filling.  This unit is highly flexible by allowing the use of a wide variety of closures currently available on the market.

  • All liquid and viscous products
  • Web-bags
  • Multi-product filling
  • High flexibility of spout choices and bag sizes (5 to 20 liter)
  • Reduced foot print
  • Total control of the process
  • Pre-arranged connection for automatic boxing system is optional

Transa’s complete tomato paste processing line by CFT Group.

  • Axial seal fill valve which guarantees a very tight seal, even with products containing pieces, long, fibers or very viscous or very thin liquid products
  • Fill valve wash after each fill by means of a pressurized steam/condensate jet
  • Remote factory connection via VPN


  • Optional aseptic tank with automatic pressure management for increased weight accuracy
  • Optional mass flowmeter  for increased weight accuracy
  • Optional Allen-Bradley PLC and FactoryTalk HMI
  • Optional UL rating
  • Optional FDA testing and validation
  • Working capacity for products with water-like viscosity – 300 bags / hr. max (20 liters) – 400 bags / hr. max (5 liters)
WORKING CAPACITY for products with water-like viscosity - 300 bags / hr. max (20 liters) - 400 bags / hr. max (5 liters)
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