Olimpic SR

Scraped surface indirect heat exchanger for high consistency foods.

Olimpic SR is a scraped surface

indirect heat exchanger (SSHE) designed to process foods which tend to form dregs, containing solid ingredients in pieces, or high in viscosity and consistency. It is composed of a rotating cylinder shaft equipped with scraping blades and inserted into an external jacket, in which the heating or cooling fluid circulates. Product runs through the space between the rotating shaft and the racket, while heating and cooling fluids circulate externally through the jacket in counter-current to the product.

  • Blends of dice tomato and juice
  • Ketchup
  • Blends of dice fruit and juice
  • Soups containing vegetables or ingredients in pieces
  • Baby food containing vegetables or ingredients in pieces
  • Pre-cooked meals
  • Whole and skimmed  milk
  • Crystallized whey
  • Blends of milk, sugar, fats, aromas
  • Creams and pharmaceutical products
  • Scraping blades mounted onto the shaft guarantee a constant movement of viscous fluids and provide to remove the possible dregs which can form on the exchange surface.

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  • Exchange surface: 1,02 m2.
  • Product viscosity: from 100 to 20.000 cP.
  • Product temperature: from 0°C to 140°C.
  • Service fluid temperature: from -10°C to 150°C.
  • Product pressure: up to 6 bar (in optional, up to 20 bar).
  • Parts in contact with the product made of AISI 316L and approved plastic material 3A (optional).
  • Certifications for pressure machines: PED and ASME (optional).
  • Mechanical seals in sanitary execution, cleaning with CIP.
  • Model RC 168-114×12 manufactured according to rules 3-A Sanitary Standards (optional).
Working capacity: from 5.000 to 40.000 l/h
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