Falling film multiple effect with TVR technology.

The falling film multiple effect evaporator Poseidon is equipped with TVR technology for energy saving.

It is suitable for liquids with no fibers for a high concentration ratio (up to 1:25).

  • Clear and cloudy juices
  • Steam consumption in evaporation depends on the number of effects (up to a minimum value of 0,125 tons per each ton of water removed)
  • Steam consumption in pre-heating is from 0,05 tons of steam per each ton of water removed
  • Negligible steam consumption in pasteurization
  • Steam consumption in flash cooling is from 0,02 tons of steam per each ton of water removed.
  • From 3 KW of electricity per each ton of water removed is used for evaporation
  • Evaporation temperature from 90° down to 50°
  • Pipe wall temperature at 10° above maximum evaporation temperature
  • Residence time: from 5 up to 15 minutes.
  • Embedded pasteurization with 95% heat recovery.
  • Embedded cooling with both flash and indirect cooling
  • Cooling water demand from cooling towers, depending on the number of effects
  • Condensates purity from 20 to 50 µS
  • Concentration ratio up to 1:25

An overview of Poseidon evaporator.

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