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Prima Rotary Retort

Sterilizing system for food products in containers.

Prima Rotary sterilization retort can sterilize every kind of food container such as metal boxes, plastic and glass jars, pouches, trays and ‘tetra-brik’ type food container.

It offers the chance to modulate water rain cycle to ensure even thermal heat all over and inside the crate, thus reducing sterilization time and enhancing considerably product quality.

  • All food products in containers
  • The locking system ensures constant and even pressure distribution all along the circumference of the door
  • Traditional systems on the contrary can apply locking pressure only on 50% of the circumference
  • The locking system not only prevents external ring from seizing by eliminating rotation on the other two rings to lock and unlock the door, but gasket duration is consistently enhanced
  • The automatic locking system is energy saving: no need for any hydraulic supply unit or oil pressure supply unit, since our system is piped to mains compressed air system by pneumatic devices. Another benefit is long duration of door gasket thanks to complete absence of door rotation

Automatic sterilization line.

This rotary sterilization retort can operate with the following sterilization cycles:

  • Water immersion cycle
  • Water rain sterilization cycle – Heating, sterilization and cooling phases are accomplished by “water rain” method: water is recycled through a centrifugal pump and air back pressure, it is then dispersed by sprayers.

Retort Features:

  • Horizontal cylindrical retort with plating in 304 stainless steel.
  • Single door in 304 stainless steel.
  • Pneumatic driven patented automatic fast locking system with 304 stainless steel rings and silicone elastomer gasket
  • First ring welded to plating.
  • Second ring welded to door.
  • Third ring composed of rings hinged two by two to form a whole ring. Door Locking and unlocking is accomplished by a pneumatic actuator.
  • 304 stainless steel rotating reel, it is laid on four loose wheels located in outer housed cylindrical niches, which allows easy internal inspection and access. Thanks to outer drainage bearings no process water pollution can take place.
  • Engine; it is started by a frequency converter driven moto-reducer. This frequency converter driven engine allows to choose between following different kinds of rotation.
  • Swinging with adjustable rotating degrees, speed and stop times;
  • One way continuous rotation: speed is adjustable and can be set either in the range between 3 to 9 rpm or 4-16 rpm. Adjustable speed range shall be defined at order confirmation.
  • Two way continuous rotation: clockwise and anti-clock wise adjustable as above.
  • Water drainage automatic system: 90° crate rotating system to drain water that lays on food containers at cycle end.
  • A special rotating joint allows air inlet and outlet on pressers.
  • Pneumatic driven crate automatic locking system with external driven pressers. Each basket has its own presser, so these pressers are called “independent” pressers. Same pressers apply uniform and constant force on crates all along sterilization cycles. Should an independent presser overrun max./min. level pre-set value, a pressure reducer alarm cuts in.
  • These pressers together with LEVATI FOOD TECH “special rubber S-RUBBER” layer pads prevent damages and scratches on twist-off caps and body of cans.
  • Steam and air diffusion tubes, cooling water pipes are constructed of stainless steel and located inside vessel.
  • Air compressed valves for air-steam-water inlet for overpressure discharge and total exhaust.
  • Venting and bleeding valves
  • Stainless steel electric cabinet (see Electric Control Unit description below) placed near the machine.
  • This control unit requires low voltage electrical supply (24 Vdc).
  • Safety door locking devices to prevent accidental opening of the door when under pressure.
  • Big size filter is located on water recirculation circuit to ease cleaning operations.
  • 4 bar set relief pressure safety valve.
  • Quicksilver free thermometer equipped with SIT (Italian Institute for correct measurement) traceability calibration certificate.
  • Pressure gaze equipped with gage holder and coil.
  • Air filter pressure regulator conveying 6bar air to hydraulic sources.
  • Stainless steel electric cabinet (see below Control unit description) placed on vessel.
  • Control unit which requires low voltage electricity supply (24 Vdc).
  • Retort technical data:
  • Internal diameter: 1450 mm.
  • Max allowable operating pressure: 4 bar
  • Max allowable operating temperature: 152°C
  • Painted wire net fixed protection barriers and a photoelectric safety system for the provisional and automatic cut-out of the protective barrier as required by machine cycle in accordance with existing safety law.
  • N°2 guides for the front wheels of the cart to guarantee a correct positioning of the crate.
  • Automatic cart mechanical locking and clutch pedal controlled unlocking device.


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