Speed up to 42.000 CPH.
Automatic rotary weight filler.

Weight filler machine.

It is specifically designed for edible oil as well as sauces and juices.

  • Edible oil
  • Viscous products
  • Sauces
  • Juices
  • Glass Bottles
  • Pet Bottles
  • Glass Jars
  • Different weighing algorithms allow to reach the maximum accuracy in any condition
  • Possibility to continue the production excluding one valve in case of valve or weighting cell fault
  • High reliability and low maintenance costs
  • All electronic components are commercial standard components and are located within an easy access place at the top of the machine, in ventilated areas with possibility of air conditioning to work at high temperatures
CFT Group’s weight filler specific for Edible Oil and Lube Oil sectors!
  • Machine available from 6 to 60 filling valves
  • Possibility of both net and gross weight filling, selectable from the operator panel.
  • Possibility of tank pressurization by filtered compressed air (20-50 mbar for Edible oil and 100-150 mbar for Lube oil).
  • Possibility of hopper emptying and product collection without using any movable tray (this technology is patent pending).
  • NO-drip nozzle.
  • For any batch it is possible to have the complete statistical data: n° of bottles produced, n° of bottles rejected, average, minimum and maximum weight, sigma.
  • For any rejected bottle it is possible to know the reason and which is the filling head concerned.
  • For any filling head it is possible to follow its functioning during the production to identify eventual possible malfunctioning in a preventive way.
  • Flow chocking during final filling.
  • Stainless steel made.
  • Calibrated nozzles allowing quick replacement, and featured with different types of holes and diameters to fit any kind of product.
  • Valve units operated by Festo electric cylinders (instead of pneumatic ones) to control the opening and closing of each single valve. This functioning means greater precision, quickness and repeatability in filling.
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