CFT Event: Women leadership in STEM disciplines

On May 22, we hosted the “STEM Leadership: By Women” event, an initiative designed to celebrate and promote the fundamental role of women in STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), with a strong emphasis on empowerment and female leadership.

The day was enriched with opening remarks by Sabrina Ranieri (HR Director – CFT), who moderated the entire event with energy and enthusiasm, and welcomed by key figures of our organization: Greta Corrigan (Vice President Human Resources – ATS), Maria Krasilowez (Managing Director – CFT), Alessandro Merusi (CEO – CFT), and Jeremy Patten (President, Products & Food Technology – ATS).

The morning was led by the presentations of the brilliant ambassadors of the Generazione Stem (Gen_S) community, an initiative aimed at promoting STEM culture and bridging the gender gap, fostering collaboration and dialogue between students, teachers, and companies.

We had the privilege of listening to:

  • Chiara Pacchioli, a graduate in Digital Marketing and Project Manager for Generazione Stem.
  • Carmen Panepinto Zayati, a student of Biorobotics at Sant’Anna di Pisa, Miss Universe Italy 2023, and Gen_S Ambassador.
  • Marianna Ruggieri, a student of Engineering Physics at the Politecnico di Milano and Gen_S Ambassador.

The speakers shared valuable testimonies about their journeys and experiences in navigating male-dominated sectors, highlighting both the challenges and successes of women in STEM disciplines. Sharing their stories opened and extended the debate among all event participants, who in turn shared feelings and experiences regarding the gender gap issue.

STEM Women

The morning continued with the intervention of Letizia Tebaldi, a researcher in Engineering for Industrial Systems and Technologies at the University of Parma. Letizia presented detailed data on female representation in academia, providing a complete overview of the current situation. She emphasized the importance of initiatives aimed at increasing the presence of women in technical and scientific roles and discussed strategies implemented by the University of Parma to improve gender equity in the sector.

The event concluded with a roundtable discussion featuring external guests and three STEM women from CFT, Maria Krasilowez (Managing Director), Elisa Marchetti (IT Manager, Applications), and Elena Dodi (Processing Operation Manager), who shared their experiences in leadership roles within the company.

The debate created a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere, encouraging the exchange of ideas and best practices. It became clear that, despite significant progress, the gender gap in STEM persists, particularly in certain sectors.

Together, starting from this awareness, we are making strides towards a world where women in STEM are recognized and valued for their contributions and leadership. Our mission is clear: to continue promoting gender equality and supporting women at all stages of their STEM and non-STEM careers, until it is no longer surprising news to see a woman in a leadership position.

Thank you to all the speakers, guests from the ATS – Products & Food Technology group, and everyone who contributed to the success of the event, especially the men present. Your participation and support are necessary to work towards a more equitable future.

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