A career in CFT Group opens the doors to a global business environment full of opportunities and concrete growth,


where you can make a real difference. We believe in making CFT Group a great place to work by empowering people and giving them the responsibility and the ownership to accomplish great achievements. Our people are the core of CFT Group’s long-term success. In order to exploit the great opportunities our market has to offer, CFT Group further increased its workforce in 2017, to invest in new workforce to answer the challenges of tomorrow. In CFT GROUP we are also committed to reduce the gender gap: The company’s female workforce grew over 20 % in the last year, allowing to get a harmonious and homogenous workplace.




All these figures, together with almost 7.000 hours dedicated to formation during the latest two years and more than 2,000 hours dedicated to managerial education and team building activities, shows how CFT Group, in order to attract young qualified staff, is counting on profound career building with young new talents. The Company provides attractive career opportunities to motivated young people and is also opened to eventual training, internship or research papers. Whether our people are Field or Service Technicians, R&D Managers, Product Managers, IT experts, Financial Controllers, Marketing Specialists, After-sales Specialists or Human Resources Employees, one motto has to be remembered: we all work together, and the team spirit is key. We all aim at being part in developing innovative and sustainable Processing and Packaging solutions and technologies for the Food, Liquid Food, Beverage and Lube Oil Industries.