Filling and seaming monoblock for a special beer

Among the latest projects we have completed for the beer industry, the one we have created for the Tru Colors brewery deserve a special mention.

Tru Colors Brewery is an American brewery based in Wilmington, North Carolina, and has a “mission” that makes it truly unique. To put it in their own words:

Our company’s mission is to brew beer, relationships and shared stories that challenge people’s perceptions. Our vision is achieved by uniting rival gangs, decreasing gun violence, and bettering ourselves and our communities.

Tru colors origins

In 2015, after an incident of street violence near his office in Wilmington, George Taylor decided to learn more about the world of gangs, its principles and members.

After two years of dialogue and sharing of ideas, George’s initial desire to understand an unknown world has turned into an ambitious idea: to involve active gang members in a professional project, with the dual purpose of doing business and fighting rivalry and violence.

This ambitious plan has given birth to Tru Colors, a brewery capable of producing 55,000 barrels of beer per year or, as they say, over 18 million conversations in a year.

We believe bringing people together “over a cold beer”
to have honest conversations can change perceptions, bridge differences,
and spark real social change.

Filling and seaming for Tru Colors

Being part of this project makes us proud, such as the fact that Tru Colors beer will be packaged in cans thanks to one of our best machines designed for medium-sized breweries. The Smartcan is a filling and seaming monoblock, with a speed that goes up to 3,000 cans per hour, easy to install, precise and compact.

Automatic monoblock for low capacity up to 3.000 cans per hour - CFT Group

It turned out to be perfect for the needs of the brewery and is ready to fill the fruit of the work of George and his employees: not just a beer, but something that aims to overcome deep cultural barriers, one pint at a time.

Brewed by once bitter rivals, our beer is a symbol of understanding and unity. TRU Light is the premium light beer that brings people together.

Tru colors website

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