Air Separators

Air separators are specifically engineered for selecting vegetables leaves and removing foreign matters.

Our brand MECPARMA plants introduced air separators in the early eighties. This is the first range of machines specifically designed for accurate dry and sorting of whole leaf vegetables. The design of each Air-separator can be created according to processing capacity and product (spinach or aromatic herbs). The machine is part of the industry standards: a wide number of spinach processors in Europe use CFT Group’s Air separators.


Unit specially engineered for leaf vegetables’ selection and for foreign matters’ removal.

AIRSEPARATOR is an original development of CFT Group’s brand MECPARMA, specifically designed for selecting leaf vegetables and removing foreign matter.


PRODUCTS: leaf vegetables



AIRSEPARATOR combines 3 different functions in a single unit:

  • leaf grading based on size
  • “single leaf” product dispersion
  • aerodynamic selection (based on product shape)
  • Working Capacity: from 2.000 up to 8.000 KG/h