Choppers / extractors and refiners

As a consequence of the substantial change in the tomato harvesting system, processing systems have adapted as well. Therefore, to better bear the stress deriving from mechanical harvesting as well as transport, the best trends to address today’s tomato varieties’ needs lies in focusing in the compactness and the hardness of the machine’s surface; one hand this has solved the problem of fruit integrity, but on the other hand it has created some inconveniences which can alter the processing quality and the plant performance. The chopping pump Model BT60, inserted both in the Cold-Break and the Hot-Break has been designed to improve the already superior performance of its predecessors, while preserving the important characteristics of the processed product. After being chopped, the product can be processed with Cold-Break or Hot-Break depending on the customer requirements, but in both cases it will maintain its organoleptic characteristics and its vivid colors.

Chopping pump
Hot Break/ Cold break Extraction unit.
Cold extraction/Hot refining system.
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