Keg Systems

CFT Group’s kegging systems portfolio, provided by the Group’s affiliated company Comac, features automatic and semi-automatic keg lines for the processing and packaging of beverages in kegs of any size.

From small machines to process 15 kegs per hour, up to big plants that can fill over 1.200 kegs per hour, the range is completed by a series of ancillary machines such as keg washers, capping stations, keg turners and lowers.

Speed from 30 to 240 KPH. Keg washers/fillers suitable for…
Speed from 15 to 36 KPH. Semi-automatic keg washers/fillers for…
Speed from 250 KPH  and up. High-speed modular keg systems.
Speed range from 60 to 1.000 KPH and higher. Machines…
Speed range from 60 to 1.000 KPH. Devices designed to…
Speed range: from 30 to 1.000 KPH and higher. Machines…


COMAC is an Italian market leader in the production of automatic and semi-automatic systems for keg filling. The company based in Bergamo is known worldwide for the quality and reliability…
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