Flow meter fillers for still products

An innovative range of premium fillers with isobaric flow meter technology, particularly suitable for filling smooth drinks.

Premium filling machines featuring flow meter technology, suitable to fill products which need delicate handling.

Magic Can FWH

Flow meter filler for still drinks, from 3.000 to 84.000 cph.
Magic Can FWH

Volumetric, flow meter filler for the Beverage industry, especially designed for still drinks. Available from 9 to 132 valves.

Magic Can FWH

Products: still drinks

Formats: cans



  • hot filling configuration as option
  • high flexibility
  • automatic dummy cans as option
  • filling valves controlled by PLC


Automatic monoblock for low capacity up to 3.000 cans per hour.

The Smartcan 8-1 is designed for complex requirements by providing the maximum reliability and flexibility.


PRODUCTS: juices, still water, carbonated and still soft drinks, sparkling water.



  • easy installation, use and maintenance
  • innovative electronic seamer with flawed cans reject system
  • filling valves controlled by flowmeters
  • cost-effective, high-quality compact machine

Magic FW H

Speed range from 6.000 up to 90.000 BPH. MAGIC FW is part of the CFT “Magic” range, based on flow meter controlled filling technology. Suitable to fill still beverages that need a particularly delicate handling.
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Magic FW H

This machine is the result of advanced research and development aiming to obtain heavy/duty high quality standards in the field of high sensitive still products, both for cold and hot filling. MAGIC FW can be provided as a monoblock with single, double or triple rinsing turret (according to the treatment required for bottles, filler with automatic dummy bottles and capping turret to allow also caps treatment (washing or different sterilization treatments). Overpressure cover and special protection create a closed environment where contamination can be avoided and product can be handled in such a way to grant the required shelf life.

Magic FW H

Products: still drinks, fruit & vegetable juices (with or without pulps and fibres), tomato based products, 100% juices nectars, juice based drinks, isotonic/sport drinks, energy drinks, ice teas, ready to drink.

Formats: glass bottles, PET bottles.




  • Total External Rinsing (C.O.P.)
  • Safety Guards Hygienic Design (Tempered Glass)
  • Temperature control/possibility to have recirculation system and to fill HF products
  • Overpressure cover and special protection which create a closed environment where contamination can be avoided and product can be handled guaranteeing the preservation standards required.
Magic FW H

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