Fruit Preparation

Complete and automatic processing lines designed to produce a wide variety of purees and natural and / or concentrated fruit juices.

Fruit preparation is a sector of the fruit processing industry that requires special skills for the amalgamation and dosing of ingredients.

Our fruit preparation lines are among the best on the market and can dose, mix and cook the ingredients following any type of recipe with the highest precision. The plants can be designed to process a wide variety of fruits even on the same line, to ensure low energy consumption and high yield, safeguarding the organoleptic characteristics of the products treated.

We design complete and automatic processing systems for the production of fruit-based products, bakery products, desserts.

One of the most common recipes in the field of fruit preparation is the one to produce jam, and includes the mixing and processing of fruit puree, IQF fruits, sugar, pectins and aromas. Our range of technologies for fruit preparation can also process the ingredients to obtain high-quality fruit puree and concentrates, jellies, fruit preparations containing starches and pectins or specialty products with high content of sugar.

Our first-choice solution for fruit preparation is the Titano system, composed of a jacketed vessel operating with hot or cold water and a rotary coil heat exchanger located inside. The rotary coil causes agitation and mixing while heating with hot water or steam, or cooling when it operates with water or chilled water. All the technological phases from ingredient feeding to final product are processed inside the Titano vessel. The Titano is also available in the aseptic version.