Fruit Processing

Our machines and complete lines for fruit processing are designed to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the product.


In CFT Group we have decades of experience in fruit processing: first with our company Manzini and then as CFT Group, we have succeeded in developing some of the most advanced technologies for managing both  Mediterranean and tropical fruit processing. A typical CFT Group fruit processing line can include the following components:


The fruit supplied in bins or other containers can be emptied by hand or by an automated system. It is first efficiently washed by immersion into a pre-washing tank where water is kept turbulent by air blowing. It is then rinsed by means of clear water jets, while routed to the elevator designed to lift fresh unprocessed food products to the desired height.


Effective sorting and quality analysis systems can play a critical role in enhancing food safety, especially for fruit and vegetables. Raytec’s Raynbow is a powerful example of an optical sorting machine with high-resolution sensors that examine 100% of the surface of each product thanks to the “high-speed double vision” system. It is a machine equipped with NIR (Near InfraRed) technology for Visible Color analysis. In this way, it allows color defects to be detected as well as the presence of alterations and foreign bodies.


Our range of choppers, extractors, and refiners boasts some of the best equipment and premium machines we can offer in the field of fruit processing. Zenith Chrono Concept is an innovative example of an enzymatic inactivation system, ideal for companies that process high-quality fruits, with and without stone pits, and are willing to optimally preserve the original color as well as the organoleptic properties of their final products. Thanks to Zenith’s short processing time and its continuous anaerobic environment, the system is extremely efficient in enzyme inactivation.

4. sterilizer

The sterilization phase is fundamental to guarantee the safety of the product from a microbiological point of view. Thanks to one of our solutions, such as the Olimpic TC sterilizer, we can ensure high performance and maximum reliability in the processing of fruit with high consistency and viscosity values, intended for subsequent aseptic filling. Our patented heat exchanger technology results in a totally hygienic design, maximum thermal exchange efficiency, and process uniformity.


When required, the aseptic filling phase needs extremely reliable technologies to guarantee the correct preservation of the final product. An example of an aseptic filler that meets the need for constant quality and reliability is the Macropak AF/2. Thanks to ongoing research and development, the machine can handle up to 3 different packaging formats for semi-finished or finished products, liquid or semi-liquid fluids, highly viscous products, or those containing particulates. Filling takes place aseptically in pre-sterilized bags of 200 or 1000 liters.


Our end-of-line technology platform offers automated solutions for primary and secondary packaging equipment, product sorting, and handling to optimize the production process. State-of-the-art pallet transport systems, complete with shuttles designed and manufactured by CFT Robotics, are just one example of our range of end-of-line solutions.

example of fruit processing line