Tunnel Pasteurizers

Our thermal treatment technologies’ range includes different models of pasteurization, heating and cooling tunnels for packed food and beverage products.

The tunnel pasteurizers in our range can treat a wide variety of products in containers, such as fruit juices, beer and soft drinks, tomato paste, baby food, spreadable cheese, pickles and vegetables in brine. The products can be packed in containers like cans, glass bottles, glass jars and pet bottles. Tunnel Pasteurizers have a modular structure that can be easily adapted to any factory. Each component has a maximum dimension of 220 x 255 cm (W x H).

Tunnel Pasteurizers

Tunnel pasteurizer - cooler.
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Tunnel Pasteurizers

We design and produce pasteurization, heating and cooling thermal treatment units for packed food and beverage products.

Tunnel Pasteurizers

PRODUCTS: beer, soft-drink and csd, fruit & vegetable juices, tomato paste, spread cheese, ketchup and sauces, baby food, isotonic/sport drinks, energy drinks, ice teas, pickles and vegetables in brine

FORMATS: cans, glass jars, glass bottles, pet bottles, tin cans



  • Machine design and construction quality
  • Wide experiences in many different products and application
  • Reliability and strong construction
  • Automation and control function
  • Plant customization and configuration to fulfill all possible customer requests
  • Pilot plant for product testing and simulation to achieve correct cycle on each different and non standard product
  • From 3.000 CPH up to 72.000 CPH (depending on product, cycle and container)
Tunnel Pasteurizers

CFT Group’s pasteurization and cooling equipment for the Processing sector.