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Prima Static Retort

Sterilizing system for food products in containers.

Prima Static sterilization can sterilize cans, glass jars, pouches and trays without damaging them.

  • All food products in containers
  • Our locking system not only prevents external ring from seizing up by eliminating the rotation on the other two rings to lock and unlock the door: the gaskets duration is consistently enhanced
  • Our automatic locking system is energy saving: no need for any hydraulic supply unit or oil pressure supply unit, since our system is piped to mains compressed air supply. No door rotation, hence longer door gasket duration
  • Steam, air and cooling water pipes constructed of stainless steel and located inside the retort.
  • Rockwool 50 mm thick insulation with stainless steel coating according to safety rules in force
  • High flow rate centrifugal water pump for even water rain distribution in the phases of the process where water rain is foreseen
  • Air compressed valves for air-steam-water inlet, overpressure discharge and total exhaust
  • Non return valves on air-steam-water inlets
  • Venting and bleeding valves
  • N° 1 fan, inside the retort, to guarantee homogenous air-steam mix during sterilization process
  • Stainless steel air/steam conveying plates located inside the retort
  • Door safety locking devices to prevent accidental opening of the door during operation and when retort is under pressure
  • A big filter prevents the nozzles from stopping ensuring an even thermal distribution. It’s the only component of our retorts that requires regular cleaning maintenance operations made easy by simple accessibility

Automatic sterilization line.

  • Saturated Steam Cycle (designed for small metal cans) – Warm-up and sterilization phases occur by means of saturated steam without air backpressure. Cooling phase is obtained with “water rain” (spray) method: water is recycled through a centrifugal pump and air backpressure.
  • Water rain sterilization cycle (designed for glass jars and cans) – Warm-up, sterilization and cooling phases are accomplished by “water rain” method: water is recycled through a centrifugal pump and air back pressure.
  • Steam/air mix cycle (designed for flexible and fragile packaging) – Warm-up and sterilization phases are processed with steam and compressed air mixed by a fan located at retort bottom-end. Cooling phase is obtained with “water rain” method: water is recycled through a centrifugal pump and air back-pressure.
  • Horizontal cylindrical retort with plating made in 304 stainless steel.
  • Single door constructed of 304 stainless steel.
  • Patented automatic fast locking system manufactured in 304 stainless steel with silicone elastomer gasket:
  • First ring welded to plating.
  • Second ring welded to door.
  • Third ring composed of rings hinged two by two to form a whole ring. Pneumatic actuator driven door locking and unlocking.
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