Seamer 2000 series

Machine with 3 or 4 seaming heads, on stationary can, for both filled and empty cans of regular cylindrical shape in tin, aluminum, cardboard and plastic.

Characterized by high hygiene and versatility features, these seamers allow to seam the can without any product spillage, and are specifically designed and engineered to make all phases of the size change-over very quick and simple.

  • All products in cans/tins
  • Cans
  • Tin cans
  • High hygiene and versatility
  • No product spillage
  • Very quick change-over

Different seaming solutions for the Food and Beverage sectors.

  • Base with thick, stabilized, stainless steel coated plate and stainless steel supporting columns.
  • Straight stainless steel can in feed dog chain conveyor with constant pitch.
  • Flywheel with rotating seaming heads (therefore stationary can) each equipped with two 1st op. and two 2nd op. seaming rolls.
  • Chuck protection on every seaming head.
  • timing.
  • Can-lifters driven by a double cam.
  • Double cam to control the knock-out pads.
  • Adjustable-height seaming turret by means of screw reduction unit.
  • Lid feeder with one-screw un-stacker and sensor to check the lid presence in the store.
  • No-can/no-lid electronic device and electronic control of can and lid
  • Drive take-off for filler driving.
  • Automatic centralized lubrication system (seaming rolls included).
  • External stainless steel, soundproof guards with door opening safety device.
  • Stainless steel electric control board with push-button panel, built-in can counter and PLC by Siemens.
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