Size Grader

Ideal for size grading tomatoes and other round-shaped fruit and for sorting product before transfer to the next processing stations

This fully stainless-steel machine has been designed to size grade tomatoes coming from the unloading lines in order to sort the most suitable products for the various down stream processing lines. The machine can sort up to 3 different sizes by adjusting the distance between the grading rollers (20 to 90 mm) using the supplied wheels. The machine capacity is up to 35/40 Ton/h of fresh incoming tomato.

The sizer is a machine installed in the reception area of the fresh product, suitable for the selection of the fruit by diameter.  The operation involves calibrating the product through pairs of tilting rollers, which distance themselves during the transport phase of the product, dropping the fruits on the belts below; from the smaller fruits (called broken fruit) in the first belt to the intermediate fruit (in the second belt) to the largest (suitable fruit) in the last output belt. The different gauges are adjustable by buttons placed sideways, thus giving to the operator the opportunity to meet all production needs. The rotation of the rollers is managed by a inverter-connected motor, which means that the fruits are distributed in the right drop zone of the sizer.  The power can be provided either through a hydraulic duct or dry through an elevator or tape.

In some cases, an underlying channel for recovering the fresh product is installed, so as to eliminate waste even in the event of malfunction.

The supply includes clear documentation and a CE certification for materials in contact with foodstuffs, which is compliant with the current regulations.

  • Tomato
  • Fruits
  • Reliability and heavy-duty construction
  • All components made of stainless steel; double drive chain
  • The size grader has been designed to minimize maintenance and component replacement (chain, roller pins, etc.)
  • WORKING CAPACITY: from 20 t/h up to 40 t/h each unit

CFT Group’s complete diced tomatoes/tomato paste lines delivered to our customer “PRONAT”.

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