Cooking kettle for different types of food products.

The new patented cooking kettle Vulcano

is the best option for those customers who want the simplicity of a cooking kettle and high-quality product. In one vessel it is possible to process different operations: mixing, frying, deaeration, cooking, milling, concentration.

  • Jam
  • Jelly
  • Natural puree
  • Concentrated puree
  • Product with particulates
  • The special lenticular bottom allows the frying in oil of meats, fish, onion, garlic at high temperature (up to 176°C).
  • Optimal product mixing and evenness of processing temperatures ensured by the special agitator with counter-rotating technology controlled by frequency converter.
  • Unique ratio heating surface/volume ensuring fast cooking capabilities with reduced process time and increased productivity.

CFT Group’s complete

baby food processing line delivered to our key customer “La Cesenate”.

  • With one vessel it is possible to process different operations: mixing, frying, deaeration, cooking, milling, concentration.
  • No pump needed between one operation and the subsequent one.
  • The ingredients’ loading takes place through the wide opening which is located on the top of the machine.
  • The cooking kettle closes automatically at the end of each loading operation by means of a lid driven by moto-variator thus allowing the subsequent operations to be carried out in a closed environment free from outside contamination.
  • The excellent finishing of internal surfaces and the special screwless connection between scrapers and shaft ensure a very easy cleaning.
  • The separation of the heating jacket into two different zones (bottom and cylindrical part) allows to cook ingredients at different temperatures depending on the recipe ingredients.
  • The DN100 bottom valve with increased stroke allows the passage of particles with diameter up to 63 mm contained in viscous fluids without “bridge effect”
Batch size: 1.500 L - Internal roughness: 0.4 micron - Maximum design temperature: 180 °C
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