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This calculator will assist you in finding the amount of savings you can have by using the Apollo MVR evaporator instead of a traditional triple effect evaporator.

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*The choice of the country affects the preliminary price of electricity and fuel.
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**Please note that the proposed prices are indicative and may vary depending on the supplier, the contract terms, and the delivery location.
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In this scenario, a stand-alone traditional triple effect evaporator and a combination of triple effect and Apollo MVR evaporator are compared in their fuel and electricity costs for the production of tomato concentrate.

Apollo MVR
Apollo MVR

Falling film MVR Evaporator.


Multiple effect evaporator


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Here is an estimate of what you can save using a triple effect evaporator combined with an Apollo MVR evaporator instead of a stand-alone traditional triple effect evaporator.

*Please note that this is an estimate. Contact CFT to have a personalized calculation based on your situation and needs.
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