Accessory equipment

These technologies play a fundamental role in ensuring high standards of hygiene and product safety.

Elevate hygiene standards with our cutting-edge accessory equipment, CIP systems and aseptic tanks, for the food and beverage industry.

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CIP Systems

Set of tanks for the preparation and storage of the solutions used for the CIP (Cleaning In Place) of product pipes and circuits.
  • Min. Capacity:
    • 1,000 liters
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Efficient cleaning management

Fully automatic preparation, execution, and verification of cleaning cycles and efficient elimination of all product residues.

Adaptable tank configuration

Variable tank options with large capacity allow for complete sanitization of facilities, ensuring maximum flexibility.

Automated precision

Complete automation guarantees precise control of all parameters maintaining a consistently high level of effectiveness.

Flexible scheduling for optimal workflow

Delayed start feature in the HMI allows for automated initiation of CIP cycles at designated times, optimizing hygiene protocols.



  • Tanks range from 1,000 L and beyond, to meet different plant sizes and cleaning requirements
  • PLC stores different washing programs for enhanced flexibility
  • HMI platform for constant control of all cleaning parameters
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en CFT - Accessory equipment - Aseptic Tanks

Aseptic Tanks

Our range of aseptic tanks preserves product quality, extends shelf life, and enables cost-effective bulk production for food and beverage industries.
  • Industries:
    • Beverage
    • Fruit
    • Ketchup, Sauces, Jams
    • Milk & Dairy
    • Tomato
  • Min. Capacity:
    • 500 liters
  • Max Capacity:
    • 100.000 liters
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Extended shelf life

They facilitate the manufacture of products with an extended shelf life, ensuring sterility throughout the filling process.

Preservation of nutritional quality

Aseptic processing preserves the quality, flavor, and color of food and beverages by minimizing heat and oxidation exposure.

Cost efficiency

They cut costs by allowing bulk production without the need for preservatives or extensive refrigeration during storage and transport.

Market expansion

Aseptic conditions ensure product integrity in challenging climates and over long distances.



  • Vertical or horizontal shape depending on product viscosity
  • Level control system by level transmitter or load cells
  • Connection for inlet of sterile air or nitrogen to bring the internal pressure to the desired value
  • Total vacuum and 5 bar pressure tested
  • Double jacket in the cylindrical body for water circulation, coated with fully welded stainless steel sheet
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