Work-Life Balance

We don’t have employees, but people. CFT Group is only a part of their life.

We firmly believe that a good balance between personal life and work life is essential for a person’s wellbeing. We are moving in this direction by promoting a welfare that specifically supports the employee.

Some of the benefits that can be used regard the reimbursement of children’s education expenses, the reimbursement of mortgage / loan interests, supplementary pensions, free time and personal care.

Of equal importance, we believe in a good relationship between colleagues, because a positive atmosphere at work increases people’s satisfaction and performance.

This conviction guides us in promoting knowledge and team-building initiatives, to make sure that the company is not only a workplace, but it can also be considered a group of people who get on well together.

Among the many initiatives that we organize internally are trips, excursions, cultural events, volunteering and sports activities such as football, tennis, skiing, cycling and many more.