Work-Life Balance

Corporate welfare becomes a (life)style of business.

At any rate, this is true at CFT Group which has founded its own CRAL (“Circoli Ricreativi Aziendali dei Lavoratori” – also know worldwide as “Employees’ Recreational Club”). It has entrusted this task to the experts at Intercral Parma, number one in the sector. In practical terms, this means that CFT GROUP is offering a series of initiatives dedicated to its employees, from skiing holidays to cycling trips. There will also be cultural events, voluntary work and football tournaments.
All in the interests of promoting integration and team building among employees «who don’t just work in the company – but ARE the company» declares CFT Group’s CEO, Alessandro Merusi, unveiling a project that was launched two years ago with the creation of the CFT Group Ski Club, and which today is running full steam ahead.
«Since it originated with a sport which was not of interest to everyone, we wanted to expand our activities through an agreement with Intercral. Our company will support the projects that are assessed by the CRAL and, even more important, that are custom-tailored to the needs and suggestions of our employees».
So not just a supply of designer uniforms and other sports equipment!

«We firmly believe in this project. Harmonious relationships between colleagues are of crucial importance, also given the amount of time they spend working side by side. When the atmosphere at work is relaxed, it is much more productive. Also in human terms as well». The company is being assisted in this venture by Intercral Parma, which offers a great deal more than just an agreement. «We engaged them to give concrete shape to our new idea of corporate welfare because they are a surefire guarantee – concludes Merusi .

Intercral Parma has been working in this sphere for many years now, supporting CRALs and associations with tourist initiatives, gatherings and events, particularly of a social nature». A mission in which Mauro Pinardi and his association are in the front line: «We are pleased to accompany Cft along this path – says the President of Intercral Parma -. And we are firmly convinced of the value of these corporate projects, which bring senior management and employees closer together, not only as the pulsing heart of our economy, but also as a family».