Adult and baby leaf salads processing

Among the wide range of machineries for fresh vegetables, In CFT Group, we can offer complete solutions for adult and baby leaf salads processing which include washing, treating and sorting of the raw material.

Adult and baby leaf salads lines

A typical adult and baby leaf salads processing line is composed of 4 main machines.

Decoring machine

The Combicore decoring machine has a full hd vision system that allows to achieve maximum accuracy and significant increase in yield and reduction of waste. It is also equipped with a self-adjusting automatic cutting/penetration system, which leads to cost savings due to the low number of operators required and the reduction of the risk of occupational diseases.


The new washers of the IV range have been engineered to reduce consumption of water and energy, also reducing maintenance times.

Spin dryer (for adult leaf salads)

The C-600 spin dryer “Rotodry” has totally transformed the concept of this type of machine, while retaining the technological and operational characteristics of the product. The technical solutions focus on the possibility to access every part of the machine, thereby making cleaning and maintenance operations easier.

Tunnel Dryer (for baby leaf salad)

Air Dry Tunnel technology, to prevent the damage of the leaves during the drying phase. The Tunnel Dryers are designed by Naddeo Technologies, an Italian company partner of CFT Group for the 4th range market business.

Optical sorter  

Discovery is an optical sorter with a very high-resolution camera which inspects the product on the conveyor belt. Any defects regarding color, foreign bodies and rotten parts are detected by Discovery thanks to an accurate analysis. The product is fed onto the inspection belt, which is designed to stabilize the product to prevent it from rolling about during scanning.

The following two videos show an operating complete line for adult and baby leaf salads processing and the functionalities of the optical sorter Discovery by Raytec Vision.

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