CFT and ABMI: sustainable technologies for a greener future

As a company, for several years we have aimed to act in compliance with our Environmental Policy, a document drawn up with the purpose of respecting the environment in which we operate, implementing and maintaining a management system aimed at minimizing the risks related to our activities and the products/services we provide.

From this perspective, 2022 has definitely been a turning point, because, after more than 12 months of meetings and deliberations within the ABMI Association, to which we belong, we have drawn up and signed the Sustainability Charta.

This is a document outlining guidelines on the subject of sustainability in an industrial context, particularly in the packaging sector, and has all the member companies of ABMI (Association of the Beverage Machinery Industry) among its signatories.

Signing up to this Charta represents an important first step in our company’s evolution towards a greener approach to machinery design and installation, within the framework of European guidelines and regulations on energy saving and environmental sustainability.

This commitment has been shared and agreed upon with the ATS Group, which has already been working on these issues for some time and has been publishing its Sustainability Report for two years.

The Sustainability Charta

Specifically, the ABMI Sustainability Charta states that:

“[…] packaging is a valuable resource, not a waste, and only via this mind shift we will be able to create a new, circular economy, based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems. This is why we contribute to its communication, establishment and expansion with our know-how and technical solutions”.

The pledge of the members is to work together with all stakeholders in the plastic packaging industry to achieve this common goal.

Furthermore, as signatories of the Sustainability Charta, we will support and guide our customers in the introduction of more sustainable processes and products via the following actions:

  • Jointly exploring the possibilities and expanding the set-up of a Circular Economy;
  • Delivering energy-efficient, resource-saving equipment and options & upgrades;
  • Providing them with effective solutions to reduce their carbon footprint;
  • Working with them towards their zero-waste production goal;
  • Interpreting LCA data to make the packaging choice that’s best for the environment.
  • We believe that each and every company in the packaging industry plays its role, and that by sharing values and working together for the same objective, we will amplify the power of our individual contributions.

The voluntary signing of the Sustainability Charta is only the first step in a growing commitment to make our company, our industry and the world we live in more sustainable.


CFT is a member of ABMI, the Association of the Beverage Machine Industry.

The Association is composed of European manufacturers of beverage machinery active in Europe. The purpose of this Association is to provide an exchange point for communication and cooperation within the manufacturing industry in the areas of quality, security, elaboration of recommendations, etc. This will benefit the whole industry and the end consumers.

In summary, the objectives of the Association are:

  • The promotion of higher quality standards;
  • The promotion of security and safety at the workplace;
  • The promotion of development and improvement of ecological material and production methods;
  • The cooperation with standardization authorities;
  • The cooperation with scientific research institutions and the assistance to science and research in the field of the beverage packaging industry for the benefit of consumers and the environment;
  • The increased accessibility to safe beverages by more consumers worldwide.
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