CFT Group is part of the history of Cibus Tec

“The Cibus Tec that is about to begin is an important event for our company: it is the first following our listing on the stock exchange.

We are now introducing ourselves as a large company which has come a long way and undergone many changes to our image, to our financial solidity but most of all in relation to our new technologies and purchases, which we are proud of.

In this edition of Cibus Tec, these new technologies and products will, yet again, make us key figures.

I want to thank you all for the work you have put in, which will ensure you play a part in our group’s process of growth. Your work is important because it is at the forefront of our contact with clients.

We would also like to use this moment to spare a thought for our father, whose strength and work made all this begin. Since the “International Canning and Packaging Show” began in the early 1950s, we have always been in attendance and always in the front row.

As of yesterday, the 18th October, it has been seven years since you passed away, and, as your sons, you are always in our thoughts”.


Roberto Catelli
President of CFT Group

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