From Italy to Mornington Peninsula: welcome CFT Australasia!

CFT Australasia is our youngest subsidiary, based in Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne – Australia.
It is a small company but with deep roots in the Australian market, already providing premium solutions to some of the biggest Food & Beverage Australian market players.


Our mission is to provide CFT Group’s most advanced solutions to all our existing and future customers in Australia and New Zealand, to support your business and assisting you to keep that competitive edge on the market.


We strongly believe that the best way to do that is through hard work and commitment, developing a long standing relationship both at company level and on a personal level.

Starting from the tomato processing, CFT Group has developed its business worldwide and enriched its know-how in more than 70 years of successful projects in the industries of Fruit & Vegetables, Beer, Milk & Dairy products and Soups, Sauces & Fruit prep.


Thanks to this experience, today CFT Australasia is able to provide high technology equipment and 360° solutions for the whole Food & Beverage industry.


Each application can be engineered to provide a cost effective solution to your requirements, through state of the art technology and service.

Some of the top companies down-under have already chosen us to develop and consolidate their business: Cedenco, Spc, Kagome, Heinz Wattie’s, Brewpack are working with us.

We can’t wait to demonstrate to all the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific markets that we are the right partner to assist your growth in quality and innovation.


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