Integration of Milk Project company

We have the pleasure to announce the completion of the integration process of the Milk Project company within the CFT Group.

Thanks to this operation, we have completely included Milk Project in our reference brands. Milk Project is an Italian company specialized in the production and design of high-tech machinery and flexible equipment dedicated to the dairy industry, whose entry into the CFT organization had come about through a partial stakeholding in 2018.

In this way we expand our technological portfolio through Milk Project, guaranteeing our customers an ever-increasing level of excellence and further consolidating our position in the liquid food-processing sector, with particular attention to the milk and dairy products market.

We have also integrated in our Group the entire assistance to Milk Project customers, including spare parts management, customer service and commercial offers. Every aspect will now be taken over by CFT Group.

Please take note below of useful contacts for future relationships:

Entry Point Assistance:
Costantino Malpeli: costantino.malpeli@cft-group.com

Spare Parts & Upgrades:
Enrico D’Asaro: enrico.dasaro@cft-group.com
Davide Giuffrida: davide.giuffrida@cft-group.com

Technical and Commercial Assistance:
Lorenzo Belli: lorenzo.belli@cft-group.com
Stefano Ciolli: stefano.ciolli@cft-group.com

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