One hundred years ago Camillo Catelli was born

Dear colleagueS and friends,


it was one hundred years ago today that my father Camillo was born, and together with all those who knew him, but also with all the people who have never had the pleasure to know him, I would like to share this moment to remember him.


Remember him as he was, certainly a brave man, so courageous that sometimes his own courage became thoughtlessness in the eyes of many. He was a gruff but very good man, sometimes overbearing but very generous and magnanimous, certainly intelligent, an intelligence that came from the deep knowledge of his work, his territory and all his collaborators, who have accompanied him in the long adventure of his “workshop” … as he called his company.


Today the world is certainly very different from the one he lived in and maybe it would be a bit difficult for him to understand it, but I am sure that thanks to his genius he would be able to successfully deal with it.


Starting from this awareness, I would like all of us to be inspired by these memories and remember some of his corner-stone principles which, like its products, are still absolutely current despite the era he has worked and lived in.


Roberto Catelli
President of CFT Group

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