Peach processing

Our Fruit Processing Team can create state-of-the-art peach processing plants. CFT Group technologies make it possible to retain the natural texture, color and flavor of the original fruits.

The main component of a typical CFT Group’s peach processing line to produce diced peaches are:

  • Receiver and washer
  • Dicer
  • Optical sorting system with very high resolution camera
  • Ohmic sterilizer, which represents the fastest technology to heat food with solids content, preserving the integrity and the organoleptic characteristics of the final product.
  • Capacity: 12 tons/hour of fruit dices in syrup

For the production of peach juice the ideal equipment is our Zenith Chrono Concept for destoning, peeling, squeezing and enzymatic inactivation.

An example of peach processing: peach dices in syrup

After fruits have been washed with clean water, they are halved, destoned and peeled.

Peeled halves are then processed through a sharp dicer to obtain perfectly defined dices of the desired size.
At that stage, the dices pass through an optical sorter that rejects foreign bodies as well as pit fragments.

Clean and sorted dices are then blanched into hot syrup and finally pumped through a CFT Group Ohmic sterilizer (below picture) that brings up the product temperature to about 88°C (190°F) rapidly and uniformly.

Ohmic technologies for peach processing - diced peaches.

The product that has successfully gone through the thermal process, gets cooled to about 32°C (90°F). Then it can be aseptically filled into multi-layer protective bags in bins, that will preserve all its freshness and firmness. No preservatives or chemicals are necessary during the process. The product is now ready to be used for its final recipe.

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