Sealing Freshness: CFT’s Innovative Aseptic Fillers

Aseptic filling is not just a process; it’s a promise of purity. It’s the assurance that the tomato paste you spread on your pizza or the fruit puree you sip in your smoothie is packed without any contaminants, preserving its quality, natural flavor and nutritional value. CFT’s aseptic fillers are designed to maintain this promise, utilizing cutting-edge technology to ensure that every product is filled with care.

CFT’s aseptic fillers: a portfolio of precision

With more than 40 years of experience and over 300 installations worldwide, we offer a wide range of models, each one tailored to meet specific industry requirements. Whether it’s handling low-acid products, high-viscosity purees, or products with dices and long fibers, our fillers are equipped to handle them all with unmatched precision.

They are also capable of filling different formats, from small bags (5-20 L) to drums (200 L) and bins (1000 L), with 1″ or 2″ pressure spouts. Our aseptic fillers are equipped with innovative features, such as:

  • Dosing device with an axial seal system, which prevents product leakage and contamination.
  • Filling spout washing through steam jet/condensate, which ensures aseptic conditions during the filling process.
  • Load cells or flowmeters, which provide accurate and consistent dosing operation.
  • Filling head translation system, which allows for optimal filling of different containers.
  • Remote monitoring system via VPN, which enables remote assistance and troubleshooting.


CFT Macropak AF2 aseptic filler

CFT’s different models of aseptic fillers

Our portfolio includes a diverse range of aseptic fillers, each engineered to address different challenges and usage scenarios. The main models are:

  • Macropak Family

This includes the AF, MF, and RVS models, which are suitable for filling drums and bins with low acid products, high viscous products, and products with fibers, dices, or slices. All Macropak fillers feature a filling head translation system without oleodynamic power unit (oil-free filler).The Macropak AF has a high filling speed of up to 80 bags/h with a 200 L capacity, and a pressure check on the bag inside the bin during the filling phase. The Macropak MF has a dosing operation through mass or magnetic flowmeter, and a bin filling with head translation from the bottom to the top of the container, which allows for perfect filling of very viscous products. The Macropak RVS has a weight control through load cells, and a single row drum filling with manual handling.

  • Minipak

The Minipak is a compact and versatile model, suitable for filling small bags with low acid products, high viscous products, and products with fibers, dices, or slices. It has a high filling speed of up to 400 bags/h with a 10 L capacity, and an automatic power system of aseptic bags fully high-speed mechanic/pneumatic (oil-free filler).

  • Labopak

The Labopak is a small and flexible model, ideal for use alongside a pilot sterilization line or as an aseptic sampling unit within aseptic packaging industrial line, including totes, flexitanks, and aseptic tanks. It can fill small bags with low acid products, high viscous products, and products with fibers, dices, or slices, with a highly precise dosing kit through flowmeters.

A variety of options for optimal performance

What distinguishes our aseptic fillers is their unparalleled versatility. We are dedicated to guiding you to the ideal aseptic filler tailored to your unique product and packaging needs. Moreover, we offer an array of options and add-ons to enhance your operational efficiency, including:

  • KIT for spout diameter changing from 1″ to 2″
  • KIT for filling products with pH>4.5
  • Software for historical data printing from a remote PC
  • Printer for A5 label format
  • Aseptic tank of 700 L
  • KIT for manual or automatic filling of 5 to 20 L bags
  • Equipment for 1500 kg bags filling
  • Motorized conveyors with chains instead of rollers
  • PLC Allen&Bradley

CFT Aseptic fillers for a quality tomorrow

As we look to the future, CFT remains committed to innovation in aseptic filling technology. Our fillers are more than equipment; they are partners in your production journey, ensuring quality and efficiency of every product filled.

If you are interested in learning more about CFT aseptic fillers, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you and provide you with the best solution for your needs.

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