Our support services include remote support, predictive maintenance, on-field training and state-of-the-art engineering for all of our technologies.

Spare parts

All spares are provided with outstanding level of quality and carefully checked by our Quality Control Department.
Spare parts

Our plants and machineries are designed to ensure the highest level of reliability and performance. To guarantee an optimal lifecycle management of all the assets, our worldwide Spare Parts Service provides options for all types of equipment, as well as upgrades for older machine versions and obsolete parts with a dedicated service. Our Customer Service Team will help to determine the needed spare parts and make sure they will be available in time.

Overhaul, revamping and upgrade

Our Customer Service Experts are always ready to support on the refurbishing and turnaround process of our equipment.
Overhaul, revamping and upgrade
  • Overhaul: replacement of worn parts to restore the original capabilities of the equipment
  • Revamping: extraordinary intervention to replace obsolete parts and bring machines up to speed with our latest available technologies
  • Upgrade: empower the current capabilities of your assets turning them into more productive lines or adapting them to your market challenges (new sizes, new types of products, greater energy saving, …)
  • Line Relocation: An experienced project team accompanies you from the design and planning to the execution of the line relocation activities

On-site maintenance

We can deploy well-timed and effective interventions on site, in every market worldwide.
On-site maintenance
  • Diagnostic visits
  • Different configurations of Maintenance Programs – from Preventive up to all-inclusive Advanced services
  • On-Demand Emergency Service to recover equipment breakdown
  • Equipment/Machine settings and fine tuning
  • Operational set up supervision on critical startup/restart phase
  • On-site check-up of predictive maintenance driven red flags/warnings

Remote assistance

Our Remote Solutions includes instant assistance based on mobile and wearable devices.


Our teleservice assistance enables countless advantages and improves the equipment’s performance. According to the provided level of permission, our experts can remotely connect to PC/PLC, either for troubleshooting purposes or for supporting on-field operators. This helps to solve most of the issues, reducing downtime and avoiding, when possible, extra costs for onsite intervention. All connections are through a dedicated VPN (Virtual Private Network over the Internet) with traceability of all access through secure authentication.

key features:

  • Fast and precise remote machine and system diagnosis
  • Effortless software updates and changes in system parameters
  • Considerable reduction in service costs as there is no need for engineers on site
  • Very limited downtimes
  • Secure program and data transmission
  • Traceability of all accesses: logging of all connections and link to the respective support ticket

Predictive maintenance

The installation of predictive maintenance systems enables our professionals to remotely foresee potential machinery faults and give support in managing and avoiding sudden breakdowns.

Alarm sensors and a smart interface with color coded signals, placed directly on the equipment, are installed on each new machinery and are easily added to existing ones in a stand-alone or integrated way. The system can be customized to send different levels of warning signals (alarms) to users on every type of device (Tablet, PC, Smartphone, HMI…), so that it is possible to quickly decide how to avoid a sudden stop.

key features:

  • Anticipate possible damages or other causes for stops
  • Decide and plan the “stop and go” of machines or lines without disrupting normal operations
  • Monitor the machines lifecycle quality over time (e.g. shift by shift, maintenance operations, etc.)
  • Plan the selective replacement of parts that are going to stop working properly
  • Easy installation of stand-alone equipment and sensors on existing assets without interventions on PLCs

Condition-based monitoring

Our experts are always available to check the current condition of machines or lines. We can remotely monitor signs of decreasing performance or upcoming failure through specific KPIs and decide which kind of maintenance needs to be done.

key features:

  • It is performed while the asset is working: this lowers disruptions to normal operations
  • It reduces the cost of asset failures
  • It improves equipment reliability
  • It minimizes unscheduled downtime due to catastrophic failure
  • It minimizes time spent on maintenance
  • It minimizes overtime costs by scheduling the activities
  • It minimizes requirement for emergency spare parts
  • It reduces the chances of collateral damage to the system

Augmented assistance

Our professionals can be connected to local Maintenance Engineers and Operators at any time and everywhere. Through mobile and wearable devices CFT Group’s technicians send alerts in the case of any critical matters arising during production, maintenance and internal training.

key features:

  • It reduces downtimes as much as possible
  • It reduces the presence of our technicians on site
  • It develops operators’ knowledge and awareness on the usage and potential capabilities of the assets

Service contracts

Different advanced assistance programs for any kind of needs.

Remote support / teleservice

We are always available with our Customer Engineers to reduce and minimize downtime or stoppage on machines or lines. The Remote Support agreement provides a rapid response through Teleservice assistance aimed to collect and promptly address any inquiry: with maximum 2 hours of response time, one of the Senior Experts of our Customer Service will get back with an actionable solution.

key features:

  • Ongoing support for diagnostic and troubleshooting
  • Reduced number of stoppage and downtime
  • Affordable fixed price

Diagnostic inspection program

We can organize a planned set of on-site diagnostic visits to ensure a continuous check-up of lines and equipment. During each visit our technicians verify the required acquisition of spare parts according to the worked hours and expected performance of the lines. Finally, our technicians will compile a comprehensive list of recommended required parts and give support in planning the corrective maintenance.

key features:

  • On-site diagnostic
  • Reliable, convenient planning and implementation of inspections
  • Technical documentation and assessment of the machine’s status
  • Clear framework of all the expenditures involved in the diagnostic process

Preventive maintenance program

Our Preventive Maintenance Program includes regular inspections and tests of machines, provided by our service engineers, who give competent advice on part wear and tear and any possible line optimization. They also supervise and/or execute all maintenance work, during which the equipment is fully tested.

key features:

  • On-site diagnostic
  • Reliable, convenient planning and implementation of inspections and maintenance
  • Anticipate possible damage or other causes of downtime
  • Technical documentation and assessment of the machine’s status
  • Clear vision of budget expenditures involved in the maintenance process

Advanced maintenance program

The installation of our predictive maintenance system on equipment and lines enables our experts to remotely foresee potential machinery faults and give support in managing and avoiding sudden breakdowns. We collaborate with on-site maintenance engineers and provide full on-line/on-site support with our Customer Service.

key features:

  • It minimizes damages or other causes for stop
  • It reduces the cost of asset failures
  • It monitors the machines lifecycle quality over time
  • It plans the selective replacement of parts that are going to stop working properly
  • Easy installation of stand-alone equipment and sensors on existing assets without interventions on PLCs
  • It is performed while the asset is working

Seasonal support

The seasonal support contract guarantees the presence of an engineer on-site. This option has been thought specifically for those that are familiar with production peaks, where lines and equipment are usually stopped and re-started after long shutdown periods.

key features:

  • Quick and smooth recover from previous shutdown
  • Machines and lines perfectly attuned
  • High performance and optimum efficiency levels of production
  • On-site experienced and competent CFT engineer
  • On-the-job training and continuous improvement of your team
  • Conservation of the value of your machines and extension of their life cycles



We are at your side whenever you need our advice.
  • Maintenance programs
  • Smart Maintenance Solutions – we supervise equipment’s lifecycle and performance through remote assisted predictive maintenance technology
  • Overhaul on lines, machineries and equipment
  • Upgrade and Revamping to keep your line up to date
  • Performance assessment on lines and machineries to increase efficiency
  • Safety assessment and certification updates
  • Training needs definition


We provide the right know-how and share our knowledge and experience for the entire life of the equipment.

Training programs generally focus on the correct use of machines or plant management software in all its most important aspects (management of alarms, recipes and settings), so that operators can always work in the best possible way. If further training is required, we provide additional explanations, even at our premises.


The excellence and experience of Made-in-Italy Engineering for Food and Beverage.

Research & Development

We believe that continuous innovation is the base of success. Every year we invest many resources in improving the existing technologies and developing new innovative systems. Following this purpose, every single machine is tested in our internal R&D laboratories to guarantee the best final quality.

Number of registered patents by our group: 176



Our Engineering department gives support from the product preparation to filling and packaging solutions, utilities and logistics. Each plant is custom designed, according to the specific needs of the customer. We take care of each single detail until the project comes to the successful conclusion.


Processing plants

We can design a wide range of processing plants for Beverage, Dairy and Food applications. Our expertise ranges from brewing systems, soft drink lines and production facilities for juice products, up to dairy plants through food preparation systems. CFT Group is recognized as the leader in tomato processing since 1945.


Filling and packaging

Decades of experience in engineering allow us to design tailored systems to perfectly match any kind of specifications. Our lines offer highly integrated solutions granting the highest level of reliability, efficiency and sustainable use of energy and utilities. In many applications we can propose a solution integrating processing and packaging from a single source.