The Internship you wouldn’t expect

A reality that values people

CFT is a large company with more than 400 employees, so it is easy to imagine how wide range of roles and work environments can be found within it.

One of the aspects that unites all departments is the recognition of the value of internship activities.  In fact, as of 2018 alone, the company has hosted about 40 students, within all major areas: Engineering, Operation, and Staff.

The company believes in investing time and resources in the training and inclusion of students or recent graduates so that they can fully enter the CFT world. In fact, the commitment lies in making internship experiences useful and interesting for both sides, dispelling the myth of internships seen as worthless experiences beneficial only to the company. This is confirmed by the feedback from the interns, who often show a willingness to continue their journey in CFT.

About 50 percent of them, in fact, move on from training to contract employment.

The goal is to identify and enhance the skills and qualities of trainees, who become fully involved in the daily activities and tasks of their colleagues. More experienced workers, at the same time, can benefit from the fresh and innovative vision of those entering the workforce for the first time. A viewpoint that, combined with the experience and skills of seniors, provides the company with a comprehensive and inclusive perspective.

The strengths of a CFT internship experience

Listening to the opinions of those who have completed the internship experience, it can be said that a great strength of the company is the context that welcomes the new resource: an environment that is described as dynamic, stimulating, flexible and not too formal, in which a cordial greeting accompanied by a smile is never lacking.

Even in terms of schedules, trainees find and emphasize flexibility from superiors and mentors. They can be then able to reconcile study and work, with a particular focus on the university course that is often still to be completed.

The international dimension of the CFT Group and ATS allows the student to get in touch with figures from all over the world, a feature that allows them to test themselves in a multicultural environment, adding the opportunity of confrontation with different ways of performing tasks and different roles.

Teamwork is another recurring element: listening and collaboration are found in the almost daily meetings and in the feedback requested by each trainee’s mentor. Students also refer to the great willingness and interest shown by the tutors, who periodically carve out a space with the trainees to be updated on the continuation of the experience and to see where to improve.

Another important aspect is the role given to the intern, who often arrives at the company with the fear of wasting time and being given repetitive and untraining tasks. Instead, there is a real path of growth that is outlined during the months: first they learn about the company and its internal dynamics, and slowly the function becomes more autonomous and productive.

The skills acquired become the most diverse: computer, linguistic, management, technical-professional and communication-relational.

Particular freedom is given to the trainee to explore, combine various positions and interact with a wide variety of professionals, with a special trust placed on him/her by the supervisor.

“Already after a few months in CFT, my expectations with respect to the internship have not only been met but far exceeded.”

Eleonora B., HR Department

In conclusion, why evaluate a CFT internship?

Because it allows students to observe and get in touch with what they have studied. This happens in an environment that encourages improvement, listens to the needs of interns and values their skills, considering them important resources that also enrich the colleagues work and help in the achievement of department and company goals. This is a unique opportunity for those who wish to take a look at their future and gain experience in a multinational company.

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