Tomato & Fruit lines for Karry Food Industries

With great pleasure, we share the Tomato News article on Karry Food Industries, a major customer in the Egyptian food industry. We are proud to have contributed to the development of their tomato paste and fruit puree production lines.

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Karry Food Industries is a new processor of tomato paste and fruit puree in bulk located in Sadat city in Egypt. 

The company was created with a Saudi investment of 35 million euros and Egypt was chosen due to the good weather, and due to the fact that in this country tomatoes can be processed 300 days/year, as fresh products are available all year round.


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Karry started its business with a processing line capacity 600 ton/day for tomatoes and 240 ton/day for fruits as a first phase, with a second phase planned for completion in the fourth quarter of 2024 with a second processing line of a capacity of 1000 ton/day, mainly for processing tomatoes only. This will bring the total capacity for tomato processing to 1,600 ton/day by the end of 2024.
In a third phase, a processing line for orange concentrates/pulp with a capacity of 1000 ton/day is planned for by the fourth quarter of 2025.

The factories are designed to match the EU standard, and the lines are state-of-the-art technology from CFT in Italy. In addition, there is dry storage space for 15,000 tonnes and frozen storage space for 10,000 tonnes.

The company plants its own tomatoes and fruits on lands it owns, supervising the whole process, from plantation till the reception of the the fresh tomatoes and fruits into the factory. The agricultural lands are located in Menia and Esna (Upper Egypt) for the winter crops, and Al-Hammam, Sadat and West Delta for summer crops.

This agri-business project will be mainly supplying all raw materials to Karry foods industries, enabling the company to control quality, traceability and Sustainability, through developed varieties of seeds that suits industrial tomatoes. This will also secure the supply of fresh tomatoes and fruits, and also ensure the highest quality products for the company’s clients worldwide.

For its operations, Karry has carefully selected a team of experts in the industry with more than 20 years of experience in all departments.

The company will start processing tomatoes in May 2024 with the Egyptian summer crop and aims to process 90,000 tonnes of fresh tomatoes in 2024. It targets annual volumes of 400,000 to 500,000 tonnes of fresh tomatoes once all investments are finalized in 2025.

Source: Karry Food Industries

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