Towards a more sustainable value chain

We are proud to share the article by EcoVadis, a global corporate social responsibility consultant and evaluator, about the path we have taken with them to make progress in making our value chain increasingly sustainable and responsible.

CFT Group accelerates its journey towards sustainability with the support of EcoVadis, aiming for a more sustainable value chain.

CFT SpA and Co.Mac Srl, leaders in technologies for the food and beverage industry and part of ATS Corporation, confirm their collaboration with EcoVadis, a leading provider of corporate sustainability assessments, to advance in making their supply chain more sustainable and responsible.

Within ABMI (Association of the Beverage Machinery Industry), CFT Group is among the founders of the sector initiative aimed at achieving and monitoring high standards of environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

This collaboration with EcoVadis began in 2022 with CFT Group’s first assessment as a Rated Company, achieving a silver medal for sustainability performance (environment, labor, human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement). This result was achieved thanks to the company’s commitment in the evaluated areas, serving as a starting point towards the development and implementation of a Green Procurement Policy.

Furthermore, the “FEEDING FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE” program has been launched to involve the value chain; suppliers will be invited to assess their sustainable performance through EcoVadis and will be actively involved in the Group’s strategies.

The project is now concluding the On Boarding phase; 46 suppliers with an active EcoVadis scorecard have already been identified. The goal for 2024 will be to gradually extend the analysis in the supply chain considering both the amount of spending and specific cases of environmental and social impacts.

EcoVadis assessments will be useful tools to support CFT Group’s sustainable procurement strategy, allowing the company to convey messages and best practices to suppliers regarding improvement actions and interventions along the supply chain.

Alessandro Merusi, CEO of CFT Group, commented: “After a careful selection phase of the best possible partner, we decided to embark on this journey together with EcoVadis, confident that it can add value to our medium to long-term sustainability goals. In parallel, CFT Group is investing heavily in R&D projects with the aim of offering customers technological solutions capable of reducing the environmental impact and operational costs of their plants. It’s a challenging and exciting 360-degree journey, in which we strongly believe.”

“After working on understanding and reviewing internal processes, CFT Group is now in the ideal position to engage its suppliers to manage the impact of its supply chain effectively. We are happy to support CFT in achieving sustainable procurement goals, using our platform, which not only measures the maturity of each supplier but also delivers specific information on the strengths and areas for improvement of the supply chain,” said Federico Budassi, Account Executive at EcoVadis.

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