CFT Cares: enhancing people’s well-being

A project for taking care of CFT people

Below you can read the interview we did with Laura Catelli, Graphic Designer & Brand Specialist at CFT Group, as well as coordinator of CFT Cares project.

How did the idea of CFT Cares come about?

The idea of CFT Cares came as a positive reaction to a period that has put a strain on the whole world because of the pandemic.

We felt a common need for rebirth and positivity and we really wanted to do something that would improve people’s quality of life. The project team started from this: take care of the people in CFT.

The foundation of CFT Cares is thus try to support, facilitate and provide help and services for all.

Supporting employees in their daily life is a necessity, that will help the company itself to strengthen in the future.

How does CFT Cares stand among the various initiatives already present in the company?

Over the years, CFT has always carried out initiatives in favor of employees.

All of these projects are now being channeled through CFT Cares and communicated with clarity, commitment and passion.

One of the new tools that we have implemented this year, in order to be more effective in internal communication, is certainly CFT HUB, the new internal employee portal, which we are very proud of.

Every communication and new CFT Cares project is included in a dedicated section of the Hub and quickly updated.

In addition to this, the binomial that has been created between Cral and CFT Cares is certainly very strong: many of the initiatives are always related to and in support of the Cral world, which has been strongly consolidated in CFT for years.

Which initiatives have been taken during the last year?

We started in January with an initiative that had a really positive response, the installation of numerous water dispensers throughout our Parma headquarters and the distribution of CFT Cares branded water bottles to all employees.

This first action obviously aimed to offer employees water at no cost, with the consequent reduction in the use of plastic.

Among other initiatives, we can mention the car wash for everybody, the CFT Welfare plan with a package of various benefits, the Metasalute supplementary healthcare fund, the actions s aimed at supporting young families such as Tagesmutter and other agreements with nursery schools and, finally, some agreements with car rental services.

Very soon we will also communicate the Cassa Mutua, which is part of our ongoing initiatives today, but with a need to be communicated better. It consists of a mutual fund that aims to provide support to all the employees, for daily life expenses including (but not limited to) health care.

How do you see the future of CFT Cares? Can you give us some indiscretions about the next projects?

CFT Cares is a young project, but with great potential. In the future months, we will consolidate what we have already carried out and we will aim at new and stimulating goals.

We will expand the concept of “Cares” by incorporating the theme of environmental care. In a company like CFT, the concept of sustainability must be embraced and concretized every day, for example through separate waste collection and recycling areas.

Company lockers for receiving personal shipments on-site and in-house laundry are just two of the initiatives that we would like to implement in the future. We really hope to be able to accomplish all this and more!

Laura Catelli

Graphic Designer & Brand Specialist

CFT Cares Coordinator

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