CFT Group’s 2020

Everybody will remember 2020 as one of the most difficult time of our long history under different points of view; first of all, I believe everybody has got the deep awareness that everything can change rapidly. What seemed to be certain could become suddenly uncertain, what was right yesterday, could be wrong tomorrow.

All these feelings have become part of our daily lives and are changing dramatically our businesses and industries.
Even though food & beverage could be considered as one of the less impacted sector by Covid-19, the partial or total lockdown imposed all over the globe as well as the related travel restrictions have heavily impacted the Ho.re.ca distribution channel. This situation has driven a significant slow-down in sales volumes which, in some specific sectors, the retail channel has not been able to fully offset.

As a consequence of the above uncertain situation, related investments in capital goods have been delayed or just postponed waiting for a clear view on the future.

On top of that, the cancellation of the main exhibitions and the limited mobility have deeply changed the way of doing daily business. I strongly believe that this new attitude will continue after the pandemic, since most of us have understood that this could save time and money, increasing efficiency and efficacy.

In the light of the above, under the market standpoint, CFT Group has leveraged on its diversified portfolio and global presence in order to face the current situation. We have been able to mitigate the risks, offsetting the slowdown of some sectors like those driven by the Horeca channel (i.e. beer in keg), with the increase of others more related to retail channel. Under the operational standpoint, we have continued our operations in all our facilities, succeeding in keeping all our commitments towards our customers. Moreover, we have guaranteed the health and safety of our employees, who represent our main asset. I would personally like to thank each of them for their commitment in this critical period.

Once this pandemic will end, I strongly believe that, as always happens after war-periods, our behaviours and attitude in managing daily business and investments will change dramatically. I’m sure that the companies that will be able to overcome the current situation, will become stronger than before, ready for facing the future business challenges driven by the restart of the global economy as well as by the key megatrends which will necessarily determine a growth perspective of the food & beverage industry.

Alessandro Merusi,

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