Press release 23.03.2020

Parma, March 23rd 2020


Dear all,

With reference to the previous note dated March 9th, and following up the further restrictions imposed by the Italian Government and by local authorities with the Law Decree approved on March 22nd, as a result of the current emergency situation caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, we would like to inform you that CFT Group is included in the list of companies allowed to continue operations since guaranteeing the business continuity of the food and beverage industry.

Said that, we reconfirm that our sales, engineering, technical and after sales departments are fully operative on a smart-working basis, while we have taken strict sanitary-hygiene measures, in full compliance with the regulations adopted by the Italian Government, in order to guarantee the safety of all our employees in the production and logistic departments which will remain operational.

Moreover, we are carefully monitoring all our suppliers in order to be updated about potential critical issues and to be consequently able to take preventive measures in order to be able to continue fulfilling our obligations.

Until today, thanks to the strong effort and commitment of all our teams, we have been able to keep efficient all our processes and, even though in difficult conditions and sometimes at a slower pace, we will continue ensuring the ongoing supply of our products and services trying to minimize the impact of this extraordinary challenge.

In case of any further change in the current situation we will keep you promptly informed.

Best regards,


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