Beverage production, filling and packaging: a team effort

Beverage production, filling and packaging have been part of CFT Group business for several years now.

At the end of 2019, with the completion of the acquisition of Rolec, we consolidated our Beverage Business Unit and confirmed its mission: work as a team to design and install complete lines for beverage production, filling and packaging.

From the processing of raw materials to the packaging of the finished drink, we can accompany beverage producers during the design, construction and installation of the system, always including the training and assistance part.
CFT, Comac and Rolec work together just like the components of a complete production line, creating a “recipe” with many distinctive ingredients, hard to find elsewhere.

Comac: keg filling and more

Comac company has chosen to follow the path of cultural and technological growth of its collaborators to win the challenges of the market. By constantly cultivating its human resources, Comac maximizes the expression and training of everyone’s professional skills.

Thanks to this strength, Comac is increasingly performing and ready to meet the needs of the companies it addresses, always accepting the challenges of the world market.

Comac manufactures complete systems and machines for the processing, filling and packaging of beverages such as beer and other spirits in bottles, cans or kegs. The wide know-how in this field allows the company to study customized systems that can satisfy the needs of small and medium-sized producers.

Comac Keg Washer Filler 2T

Rolec: beverage production

Rolec Prozess- und Brautechnik GmbH was founded in July 2003 in Chieming, Germany.

The company has gained a remarkable experience in the design and construction of beer and other alcoholic beverage production plants. Rolec business is therefore perfectly complementary to that of Comac and CFT.

If the spirit of Rolec were to be summarized in a few words, the right expression would probably be “custom engineering” . In fact, Rolec engineers and technicians accompany customers with attention, competence and promptness from the earliest stages of design, for example to evaluate the best place to install a factory or plant.

This business aspect also clearly emerges from the interview with the new CEO of Rolec, Mr. Ralph Wittkopp, published a few months ago on this website.

CFT: beverage processing and filling

The long history of CFT has met the Beverage industry relatively recently, first with the creation of CFT Packaging and then with the acquisition of SBC company. Today, together with Comac and Rolec, CFT has formed a “beverage team” able to compete with the strongest players in the market and to supply production lines for small, medium and large companies producing beer, water, wine, spirits, soft drinks and other beverages.

This Beverage Business Unit takes advantage of the worldwide presence of CFT Group. In fact, our subsidiaries on every continent represent an important added value, guaranteeing a quick and efficient customer support.

CFT USA is a bright example of this: the contribution of our North American branch has made it possible to develop CFT Group’s Beverage market in the United States, in a constant and very effective way, particularly in the beer sector.

CFT Group Beer Customers in the USA
Some of CFT Group’s “beverage customers” in the USA

These are some of CFT Group’s best beverage production, filling and packaging technologies:

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