We design, engineer and manufacture complete processing and filling lines in cans, bottles and kegs for the beer industry, with over 500 references all over the world.

We can design, engineer and manufacture customized and tailored solutions for beer production.

Thanks to our company ROLEC Prozess- und Brautechnik GmbH and its strong background in craft beer processing plants and to our know-how in filling, bottling and canning solutions, we are a reliable and expert partner for complete and customized turn-key brewing plants.

Thanks to our company Comac we can include in our portfolio a range of premium compact filling machines for cans and glass as well as turn-key keg systems.

As CFT Group, we can supply turn-key beer production systems starting from the raw material intake up to the finished beer for brew sizes from 10 HL up to 500 HL, as well as the appropriate filling and packaging solutions for beer in bottles, cans and kegs.

Furthermore, we offer special support and a wide range of services for breweries and brewery projects including:

  • Research and laboratory breweries
  • Engineering and design
  • Technical and technological consulting
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Specific technology for specialty beers
  • Flexible production of all individual products
  • Efficient production for the competitive edge in the market
  • Reliable project execution and brewing competence
  • Professional partner with references worldwide