CFT Evaporation Solutions

Evaporation technologies are used for thermal separation, in particular for the concentration or separation of liquid solutions, suspensions and emulsions.

A liquid concentrate that can still be pumped is generally the desired final product. Evaporation may however also aim at separating the volatile constituents, or distillate, as happens in a solvent separation system. During these processes, the product qualities are usually maintained and preserved.

Throughout our history, we have designed and manufactured a wide variety of evaporation solutions for the Food and Beverage industry, with a lot of different technologies and for many different products. The first Rossi & Catelli’s evaporator was patented in 1957.

Thanks to the know-how of the brands Rossi & Catelli and Manzini, CFT Group has developed many evaporators with different technologies like forced circulation, falling film, thin film, scraped surface and flash evaporators.

All these evaporation solutions have been applied to many different products, starting from tomato, and completed with an energy saving strategy: multiple effect configured in parallel or counter-current flow and boosted with TVR (Thermal Vapours Recompression) or MVR (Mechanical Vapours Recompression).

A combination of these solutions can be used to find the best way to process heat-sensitive, high viscosity, high concentration, pulpy products.

Evaporation solutions by CFT Group


The falling film evaporator Apollo with MVR technology is renowned for its excellent reliability and gentleness in product treatment. Its exceptional energy-saving level has never been achieved by other applications and delivers a striking reduction of operational costs, as well as considerable quality improvement.

The MVR technology uses a centrifugal fan, driven by either an electric motor or a steam turbine, to re-compress the vapors from the separation chamber, thus increasing their enthalpy and allowing their use as heating medium in the exchanger.

Evaporation technologies for Food, CFT

Fields of application:

  • Liquid food products (Milk and Dairy)
  • Fruit puree and juices (low fibers, or low concentration)
  • Sugar syrups
  • Protein broth
  • Hydrolyzed liquids
  • Yeasts

Energy saving

  • Negligible steam consumption in evaporation
  • Steam consumption in pre-heating: from 0,01 tons of steam per each ton of water removed
  • Steam consumption in pasteurization: from 0,015 tons of steam per each ton of water removed
  • Steam consumption in flash-cooling: from 0,023 tons of steam per each ton of water removed
  • From 15 kw electricity used for evaporation: per each ton of water removed

Technical features:

  • Evaporation temperature from 50°
  • Pipe wall temperature at maximum 8° above evaporation temperature
  • Residence time from 3 up to 10 minutes
  • Embedded pasteurization with 80{46ec2a3493715af7728c32a403f8e2e213c1486a2b6674762cf12f27ee9af20a} heat recovery
  • Embedded cooling with both flash and indirect cooling
  • Cooling water demand from cooling towers, limited amount
  • Condensates purity from 10 to 30 µS
  • Concentration ratio up to 1:5


Poseidon is a multiple effect, falling film evaporator with TVR technology, suitable for liquids with no fibers for a high concentration ratio (up to 1:25).

Poseidon Evaporator CFT

Energy saving

  • Steam consumption in evaporation depends on the number of effects (up to a minimum value of 0,125 tons per each ton of water removed)
  • Steam consumption in pre-heating is from 0,05 tons of steam per each ton of water removed
  • Negligible steam consumption in pasteurization
  • Steam consumption in flash cooling is from 0,02 tons of steam per each ton of water removed.
  • From 3 KW of electricity per each ton of water removed is used for evaporation

Technical features

  • Evaporation temperature from 90° down to 50°
  • Pipe wall temperature at 10° above maximum evaporation temperature
  • Residence time: from 5 up to 15 minutes.
  • Embedded pasteurization with 95{46ec2a3493715af7728c32a403f8e2e213c1486a2b6674762cf12f27ee9af20a} heat recovery.
  • Embedded cooling with both flash and indirect cooling
  • Cooling water demand from cooling towers, depending on the number of effects
  • Condensates purity from 20 to 50 µS
  • Concentration ratio up to 1:25

Apollo Mixflow

This Mixflow evaporator is a concentration unit suitable for multiple effect evaporation by means of mixed circulation (upward/downward) in the effects at lower concentration and by means of downward forced circulation in the first effect of concentration.

It can be designed in different multiple effects configurations; double or triple effect are the most common versions.

This technology guarantees that the concentrated fluid reaches a biphasic heat exchange, thus ensuring an excellent efficiency with correct recirculation flows and low evaporation temperatures. This technology, combined with a specific design of the product circuit, allows the reduction of plant volumes with the subsequent reduction of the product residence time and product quality preservation.

Mixflow Evaporator CFT Group

Main features:

  • Especially dedicated to fruit puree concentration
  • It can handle mediterranean and tropical fruits, vegetable products with fibers and pulps
  • Counter current configuration
  • High circulation flowrate in first effect for viscous product management
  • Reduced residence time


Among all the evaporation typologies which have contributed to CFT Group’s worldwide success, certainly the last generation of multiple effects Venus evaporators with forced circulation represents one of the most important examples of our Group’s continuous research, capable of ensuring the highest quality of the final products and contributing to higher profitability and competitiveness for our customers.

Originally designed for tomato juice concentration, our Venus evaporators are used throughout the Food industry sectors, where it is necessary to remove water from raw material and guarantee a final product with high concentration values as well as ideal organoleptic characteristics.

Evaporator for Food - CFT

Main features:

  • Specifically designed for the concentration of very high viscosity products
  • It is the best evaporator for Hot Break tomato paste
  • Counter current configuration
  • High circulation flowrate in all the effects for viscous product management
  • The focus is all on the capability to handle difficult products

Multi-purpose: a perfect mix of evaporation technologies

Especially suitable for tropical fruits processing, this kind of plant has the possibility to integrate an aroma recovery unit. The falling film, recirculation and forced circulation technologies are available in a single plant. This makes it able to process a wide variety of products like cloudy juices, clear juices, purees, pulpy juices.

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