Strawberry processing plants

Our Fruit Processing engineers can create state-of-the-art, greenfield strawberry processing plants that raise the bar of quality within the industry each time.

We usually bring our customers to visit one of our Italian strawberry processing plants, to show them that strawberries can be processed in such a way that they retained their natural color and flavor.

A typical CFT Group’s strawberry line is composed of:

Tip: How to produce the best strawberry puree

  • Start from fully ripened fresh fruit
  • Our process is studied in every detail to bring the full flavor and fragrance of the fresh fruit to our final customers.
  • After strawberries have been properly washed with clean water and inspected, puree is separated from seeds and leaves with a patented “Zenith” process from CFT Group, including an anaerobic environment puree extraction followed by rapid enzyme deactivation.
  • Without any delay the puree gets pasteurized and rapidly cooled down for final filling and blast freezing.
CFT Group enzyme inactivation system
Zenith Chrono Concept cold extraction and enzyme inactivation system
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